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We introduced work to many people in Furukawa City

We introduce the work that you can make an active part by making use of the experience

K. JOB CO., LTD., Which can guide you to various jobs in Furukawa City, has a proven track record of providing a work environment that can meet your needs. We introduce workplaces suitable for the conditions you are looking for, such as limited-time jobs and jobs where high income can be expected.
Based on the know-how we have been involved with many people through the introduction of work, we will work to find a workplace where you can take advantage of your own experience. It will be helpful for those thinking of changing jobs and those who are currently looking for a job, so please contact us if you have any problems living near you.

Job introduction

We will inform you of the latest information of K. JOB Co., Ltd.

It is the latest information of K. JOB CO., LTD.

About paid job placement

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Please see the voice of users of a staffing agency in Furukawa City

We summarized the voices sent to K. JOB Co., Ltd.

  • Name withheld by request


    They understand our situation and respond to requests.

    Therefore, when consulting personnel, first contact K.JOB.

    It is a reliable company that will not forget the care after contract and workers.

  • Mr. Shoko Arai, Salad Club Goro Plant, Ltd.


    Mr. K. JOB Corporation Mr. Furukawa

    I am always indebted.

    I am very grateful for the comments and impressions, as the individual contract documents have sticky notes, which are very easy to see and understand.

    In addition, Furukawa-sama has a friendly atmosphere, so I have created a place where I can easily talk to the interviewers at the time of admission and I am very helpful.

    I will be indebted in the future. Thank you.

  • From Goro City KS


    I am always indebted.

    Your company always helps with your cooperation. The staff members are also blessed, and we are very grateful to be able to follow where the employees can't reach.

    Even if it is our company, we will create a good on-site environment, and the staff who are working now, and the staff who will enter from now on, think that it will be possible to create an environment that can work forever.

    We hope that you will continue to cooperate, and we look forward to your continued support.


Q & A

I answered the question that arrived at K. JOB Co., Ltd.

What is a general dispatch?
General dispatching is an employment form in which an employment contract is concluded between a temporary staff and a temporary agency, rather than a direct employment contract being signed with a company at which the employee is workin...
How is the dispatch system?
An employer is a dispatching company (dispatching agency = K. JOB) and the work place is the dispatching destination company. The full-time workers and part-time workers, etc. will be employed by the company where they work, but the t...
About merit to work by dispatch 1
You can find a job that suits your wishes. It is possible to choose the work that suits your lifestyle while consulting with the dispatching company about the job type, place of work, and time zone.
Working with dispatch merit2
Experience in various companies is possible. Being able to experience in various companies is one of the attractiveness of dispatching. Even in the same industry, there are various ways of working and you can have many experiences ...
Merit 4 to work in dispatch
After registering for dispatch y, we will search for a job that meets your needs. Please choose your desired job.

Please see how to access K. JOB Co., Ltd.


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K. JOB Corporation

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Ibaraki Prefecture Furukawa Mayor Tanimachi 25-20

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K. JOB Co., Ltd., which is engaged in staffing in Furukawa City, introduces a variety of jobs. We will introduce work that meets your wishes and experience from work that can be easily performed to work that requires specialized technology, and there is also work that can work stably for a long-term employee, so around Ibaraki Prefecture Nishi Ward If you are looking for a job at, please consider applying.

About us

If you are looking for a job in Furukawa City, please consult with a staffing agency

Please use K. JOB Co., Ltd., which dispatches human resources in Furukawa City.

In a company with a track record of introducing work to many people, it is a job introduction company that has many inquiries from women because you can choose how to work, such as working full-time or part-time work . We are highly regarded that we can work according to our lifestyle so that children who come first and those who think first about housewives can work with peace of mind.
After explaining the contents of your work firmly, we have also set the time for the work tour to get a deeper understanding of the contents, so you can check the atmosphere of the work in advance. When we introduce our workplace, we respect everyone's intentions more than anything, so we leave it up to you to decide whether you will work or not. We can introduce a wide variety of jobs, including jobs that can be hired directly as full-time employees, so you can find a workplace that is suited to your ability, lifestyle, and lifestyle. We have a workplace where homemakers and foreign nationals can also work, so please feel free to contact us whenever you need a job that suits your lifestyle.

The staffing agency in Furukawa City has a solid support system

By communicating with everyone who has used you carefully, we will support employment while building a solid trust relationship where you can consult anything. As you can search for work around Shimotsuma city and Gojo-cho that are Ibaraki prefecture west districts, it is got close from everybody living in neighboring areas and has you use. As there is work that can meet various conditions, such as a place where a beginner is welcome, a place where you can work in a short term, and a place where you can perform stable work as a full-time employee, you can request anything you like.
The staff who has cultivated rich experience by operating in the neighborhood area and will provide warm and satisfying service while meeting the requests from all of you. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for an interview, you can contact us by phone or from the website, so you can use it freely. We will introduce you to a good work place to have a bright lifestyle for all of you, and we will support you while eliminating your concerns, so please do not hesitate to ask if you have any orders.